Business English Course

Ashraf Al Shafaki offers Business English training for employees of multicultural companies.


During the Business English training program, participants get to improve their English language listening, speaking, and writing skills. Here is how each of these skills is improved during the Business English training program.


The trainer guides participants to hold many conversations related to their work in order to practice their English language speaking skills. The focus is on expressing one's ideas in a comprehensible way without worrying about having to be perfect. This open discussion in such a safe environment empowers participants to gain more confidence in speaking in English. The ample opportunity for practice greatly improves the English language speaking skills of participants in addition to increasing their confidence.


The trainer selects professional videos related to the work environment of participants. A diversity of different accents are used. Participants listen repeatedly to the videos and attempt to communicate what they heard and understood. The trainer then helps them grasp the correct phrases and meaning they have just listened to.


Business writing skills are practiced mainly by writing emails about various topics. Participants are first offered opportunities for guided peer reviews of their writing. The trainer then checks in and provides his own feedback pointing out to improvements that can be made to the emails written by participants.


The Business English training covers how to make the best use of the following tools to aid in breaking the language barrier:

  • Using Grammarly to improve the language of your emails

  • Using Google Live Translation to simultaneously translate speech between English and Arabic

  • Using Google Pronunciation Practice to improve pronunciation

  • Using Duolingo to improve general English language skills

  • Using Google Dictionary to check out the meanings of words


When asked about what they liked most about the training, participants of past Business English training programs Ashraf Al Shafaki has conducted have pointed to the following 7 points:

  1. Presence of lots of opportunities for practice

  2. The simplicity of the training approach

  3. Noticeable improvement in their abilities and confidence levels

  4. Learning how to use software to help break the language barrier

  5. The training manual is rich and well organized

  6. The content being related to their work

  7. Acquiring new vocabulary


Ashraf Al Shafaki offers a customized private Business English course for individuals.

Course Details

  • Duration: 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks

  • Session duration: 45 min

  • Venue: Online via Zoom

  • Value: 3,600 EGP

Course Features

  • The course is private and customized to your specific needs at work and your English language proficiency level.

  • The course will focus on writing high-impact emails and speaking out during meetings.

  • The course will involve lots of practice exercises for both writing and speaking.


During the Business English course, you will be given assignments in order to boost your English language proficiency level. One of the assignments is to watch specific YouTube videos related to your current area of work. The process goes as follows:

  1. Select a short YouTube video in your current area of work

  2. Repeatedly watch the video trying to increase your comprehension of it each time

  3. Attempt to write down a summary of what you have comprehended

  4. Extract new words from the video and Google for their meanings

  5. Speak out the summary of the video

  6. Explain the new words you have researched

  7. Get feedback on your performance

Process for improving your English language skills.