My name is Ashraf Al Shafaki.

My story with AI started some 28 years ago when I bought my first book about AI and AI algorithms.

Ever since, I was fascinated with everything AI. I started programming artificial neural networks using the backpropagation algorithm to implement machine learning.

My fascination with computer programming started when I was a child at primary school. Some 21 years ago I started conducting training at IBM Authorized Training Centers in Cairo on programming languages including Java, C, JavaScript and many others.

Currently I use generative AI in my daily life and in my work as it helps me become more productive. I also deliver foundational training courses about how to use generative AI to be more productive at work.

My flagship training program is the AI Essentials course.

You can reach Ashraf Al Shafaki via email: ashraf.shafaki@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Ashraf Al Shafaki